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Travel Grants

A limited number of grants will be awarded to help to participation of scientists with excessive travel expenses / to ensure their participation. The grants target younger researchers (PhD students, Post-doc researchers, ..) but any application will be duly considered on a per merit basis.

Who can apply?

Everyone can apply as long as you provide a contribution to the meeting (talk or poster) as per IAU directives.


You may apply now by writing to us (see email below). Applications will be given full consideration until 31 December, 2019.


The pdf form is available here for download. After filling out the form, it should be sent to us.

For more information visit Grants for IAU Symposia and Regional IAU Meetings page at the IAU site.

For more details regarding the selection criteria, have a look at the rules and guidelines for IAU Symposia and Meetings.

Contact email

Please send your application material to

June 8 - 12 2020

Chamonix, France