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The Venue - Majestic Congress Centre

The alpine Mt.Blanc range and the village of Chamonix are destinations of choice for those seeking a more quiet setting for fruitful scientific exchanges, at  a time when affluence is low. The organizing committee viewed this as a  key element for a successful first major conference sponsored by a new IAU Commission.

The Majestic Conference centre in Chamonix-Mt-Blanc is renowned for hosting international conferences on a wide variety of scientific topics, dating back to the 1980's: the then-palace was converted to host

conferences and social events.

The spacious building holds a large conference hall able to welcome up to 360 attendants; the two wings of the Majestic are divided in three meeting rooms (of a capacity of 90) and three discussion rooms (capacity 30); the Hall Coutterand is perfectly suited to hold both coffee breaks and poster displays. The Majestic Congress center

is situated close to the city center of Chamonix, with hotels and other accommodation reachable mostly by foot or using public transportation.

More details can be garnered through a virtual visit of the Majestic  Congress centre.

Participants may appreciate the long history of astronomy meetings and schools held in Chamonix: examples include the  IAU Symposium182   on Herbig-Haro objects (1997) ; the conference Structure formation in the Universe (2007); and the ASTRONUM meeting on plasma physics (2009).

Link to the homepage of the Majestic Conference centre.

June 8 - 12 2020

Chamonix, France